Maeve’s Musings

CaRWA Workshop Calgary, Alberta

Just got back from a super workshop in Calgary with writer Eve Silver. I learned so much about plotting and her tips regarding publishers were invaluable! Thank you, CaRWA (Calgary Association of the Romance Writers of America) and Eve Silver for a great experience! Hanging out with Jill Flanagan: Brunch with Shaa Dickson, Maeve Buchanan, Brenda Sinclair, Read More…


Just back from a fabulous vacation in Maui! I celebrated my birthday and got my scuba diver certification – what a wonderful time. I love Maui, it feels like my second home. Currently working on a scuba murder mystery!

Faery Hills

Do you know that there are faery hills in the Celtic countries, where humans are said to be taken into the faery realm for varying lengths of time? Children are traditionally warned about faery dwellings lest they be spirited away, because the faery folk love the open nature and innocence of children.  Sometimes a human will Read More…

A New Idea!

Although I’m a firm believer that writing is a matter of consistently working on a project (whether you feel like writing or not), I do have the occasional burst of creativity that comes unexpectedly! I woke up very early this morning (2:30 am) and my brain began whirling with a new idea for a book. Read More…

Release Day!

Release Day today for The Starlight Garden! I am so excited to offer you this new book through Amazon/Kindle! Join me in visiting the beautiful mountain town of Harmony, Alberta. I’ll introduce you to Nora Fitzgerald and Jim Barnes, and we’ll follow them as they meet, fall in love and face challenges together! Enjoy your Read More…

Nearly Ready!

Managing all the technical details on Kindle Direct Publishing for the publication of my new book, The Starlight Garden, has been a bit like…wrangling a herd wild cats into a cold bath! But it’s finally coming together, and I am very excited to share this story with all of you on November 10! Yippee!

Book 5 of the Thurston Series is available!

Shelley Kassian’s wonderful book A Lasting Harmony is now available on Amazon/Kindle! The love never stops in Harmony, Alberta – make sure you add this one to your Thurston library!